Jobs at Best


Part-Time Retail Concessions Assistant

Looking for Part-Time Retail Concessions Assistant across a number of our new pop up concessions in TOPSHOP in the following areas:

Hull Topman
Cork Topman
Aberdeen Topshop
Glasgow Argyle Topshop

Job Role:

Operate store projects whilst representing Best on our concession expansion. Support exciting and in-store incentives, store and stock queries as well as providing day to day support from stock delivery and replenishment to till system set up. Applicants need great communication skills to enable a smooth and operable process between Best & Topshop. Weekly sales targets will be set and needed to be targeted on a week to week basis. Ensure goods and stock are well displayed on shop floor alongside keeping rails and clothing clean and tidy.

Previous experience in a retail environment is preferred. Working hours 16-20 hours a week, with flexible hours available. If you would like to join Team Best please send an updated CV to along with your availability.

If you are successful applicants will be contacted within 7 workings days.


Part-Time blogger/Social Media Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities

  • develop and maintain plan for organisations internet presence
  • perform continuous enhancements and modifications to blog
  • keep up to date with new trends and fashion events
  • ensure blogs are accessible from a variety of different social media platforms
  • respond to blog comments and emails
  • research, write/edit and create layout for new articles and features
  • update look-books and be in close contact with website developers in order to update any necessary information
  • NOT ESSENTIAL however slight knowledge in photography/photoshop (or any other image editing program) would be useful
  • continuously upload relevant and interesting materials to social media pages - Twitter/Facebook/Instagram
  • analyse web analytics data to gauge content performance
  • manage email newsletters - e-shots - latest stock emails etc would help if you were familiar with programs such as mail chimp

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • proof reading and writing skills
  • ability to write simply with a conversational style
  • mange time and schedules
  • ability to work independently and as a member of a team
  • maintain high ethics with blog presentation, content and daily work tasks

The applicant will be required to work 2-3 days a week. Applicant must have previous experience in this particular field.

Please send CV'S to